Young, Famous & African Subtitle Download

Young, Famous & African Subtitle Download

Young and Famous & African is a reality show that inspires luxury and success among the African elite. The new reality series , which is now streaming on Netflix, follows a group successful entrepreneurs and entertainers from Africa in Johannesburg, South Africa. This series is a perfect reality Netflix binge. It has a little bit of glamour, some mess and a lot of drama.

The eccentrically lively cast of Young Famous & African will satisfy viewers who long for a series that brings the success of successful series such as Bling Empire or Selling Sunset. Find out more about them.

She may be called a golddigger by some, but she will tell you she is savvy and knows how she can get things done. Khanyi, the self-described OG of the group, embodies the type of wealth she seeks in men. South African actress, media personality and businesswoman, Khanyi, proudly, tackles her golddigger image head-on. She doesn’t hide her desire to know what she wants and sets the standard for men who want her. She is openly honest with her younger boyfriend, an alleged criminal fugitive. She also hooks up with her friends, regardless of marital status.

Diamond Platnumz

Diamond, a Tanzanian playboy, is an instant star. He has 13 million social media followers and sometimes even military personnel because of his Rihanna-level fandom.

He has two children with Zari Hassan, his ex-wife. However, he returns to Johannesburg to be with his family after a turbulent relationship that was marred by infidelity. Zari also shares close encounters and Nadia with Andile.

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Annie Macaulay-Idibia

Annie is a star who wants to expand her empire. Annie, an actress and entertainer, has established herself in Nigerian television and moved to Johannesburg to further her career.

She may appear to have it all, but her problems with Innocent 2Baba’ Idibia, her ex-husband, are what make Young, Famous, African so compelling.

Innocent ‘2Baba’ Idibia

He is a Nigerian music star who lives beyond his life. However, this can cause friction in his marriage to Annie. After the difficulties with their children, Annie is trying to mend their marriage.

Zari, the Boss Lady

Zari Hassan is also known as the Tanzanian entrepreneur. She likes to be known by her business acumen, but it’s clear that she has a reputation for the drama that surrounds her.

Zari often finds herself in conflict with cast members like Annie and Khanyi throughout the series. Zari, who had a messy breakup with her husband and was accused of cheating with the father of two of her five children, now co-parents with Diamond and also has a relationship with Andile.


Naked, real name Quinton Masina, is a DJ and big-time entertainer who loves life and lives it to its fullest. His relationship with Kayleigh Schwark, 28, is not one he can control. Naked, aside from his romance with Kayleigh Schwark, is often the harsh reason for Diamond and Andile’s friends when it comes to quarrels that involve multiple women.

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