Salary Slip Portal Register /Salary Slip Login 2022/2023

Salary Slip Portal Register | Salary Slip Login 2022/2023;- Ukurasa huu unaelezea Jinsi Ya Kupata Salary Slip, Salary slip online form, Download Salary Slip Tanzania. Employees are given a salary slip, also known as a pay slip, to record their monthly pay and allowances. It is a document that informs the workers of their earnings and deductions, which vary from worker to worker. In this piece,

Tanzanian authorities The Ministry of Finance and Planning (MOF) has created an electronic government portal that enables all public employees to see their pay stubs online through a website called Salary Slips Portal.

All you need to do is sign up if you haven’t already, or sign in if you already have an account.

Registering on the WATUMISHI Portal system is required in order to obtain a Salary Certificate. You will be able to view your service information on this WATUMISHI system.

Factors to consider:

  • Know Your Full Names
  • Make sure you have an email if you don’t have to open it
  • Know number  of Your CHECK NO.

For Tanzanian government employees, this technology offers a whole new approach to apply for Payslips online. There are various methods to use the online payslip service.

You must first register and supply an email address before you can view your online payslips. You may get your paystub using the methods below.

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How To Register In Salary Slip Portal

Membership Registration Form (Government Employee Only)

Enter your email address where indicated, then click “Send Password” to receive your password for the Salary Slip Portal account.

Government Salary Slip Portal system

Additionally, you may get your income information by registering for the new Government Salary system.

In this System the focus items are:

  • Check the mtumishi number
  • Full names as per HCMIS Human Resources system such as Lawson.
  • Date of birth
  • Vote Code, Sub Vote Code, Bank Account where you got your salary .
  • Know Salary Scale, Salary Grade na Salary Step.
  • An active Email.
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You access it through links below


For Further Assistance Contact :


Tanzania’s Ministry of Finance


  • High and equitable economic growth, macro-economic stability, sound financial management and accountability achieved and sustained.


  • To encourage macroeconomic stability and sustained and shared growth by creating effective social and economic policies effective use of ICT, boosting professionalism, and responsible financial management

The Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs is a primary ministry in charge of the supervision and accounting of public finances as well as the mobilization and distribution of financial resources. Finally, it is in charge of servicing the public debt as well as serving as the custodian of government assets. Our primary duties are, in brief, as follows:-

  • Revenue collection and expenditure management
  • Formulation of fiscal and monetary policies and strategies
  • Mobilisation and management of External resources
  • Management of government property and public investments

Physical Address

Our Offices are located at the corner of Madaraka Avenue, Luthuli and Shabaan Robert Streets in Dar es Salaam and we are open from to 07.30 to 15.30 on weekdays and to the public from 09.00. Our Postal Address is:

The Permanent Secretary,
Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs,
PO Box 9111,
Dar es Salaam.
Telephone: (+255) 022 2111174-6
Fax: (+255) 022 2110326
Email: [email protected]

Salary Slip portal provides a totally new way for Tanzanian government employees to apply Payslip online. The online payslip service can be utilized in many ways.

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