How to Request NACTE Academic Transcript |Jinsi ya kuomba Transcript Nacte 2022

How to Request NACTE Academic Transcript;-This article contains information about the NACTAcademic Transcript.  This is one of the most useful articles for learning more. So, please refer to Bonce in this article, and don’t forget to share it wit friends.

Jinsi ya kuomba Transcript Nacte;-Katika makala haya, tunatoa maelezo kuhusu Nakala ya Kiakademia ya NACTE. Hii ni moja ya makala bora ya kujua habari bora. Kwa hivyo, rejea katika makala hii na usisahau kushiriki makala hii na marafiki zako;-

How to Request NACTE Academic Transcript |Jinsi ya kuomba Transcript Nacte 2022

NOTE : This is only for graduate of

  1. Health Allied Science,
  2. Early Childhood Education, Primary Education and, Secondary Education and,
  3. Livestock: (Animal Health Productions, Veterinary Laboratory Technology, Vector Control, Range Management and, Tsetse Control)

For those wishing to collect their Transcripts at NACTE Headquarter the fee is Tshs 10,000/= and those wishing to collect at the Zone Offices the fee is 15,000/=

Jinsi ya kuomba Transcript Nacte
Jinsi ya kuomba Transcript Nacte

 Malipo kupitia M-PESA.

Piga *150*00#

Chagua 4. Malipo

Weka nambari ya biashara (607070)

Weka Nambari ya kumbukumbu (1234)

Weka Kiasi (k.m. 10,000/=)

Weka PIN

Bonyeza 1 ili Kuthibitisha.

Malipo Kulipia AirTel Money:

Piga * 150 * 60 #

Chagua 4. LIPA

Chagua 5. Malipo ya Serikali

Chagua 1. Nambari ya Malipo

Weka 991120100619

Weka kiasi (k.m. 10,000 / =)

Weka nenosiri.

Bonyeza 1 ili kuthibitisha

Instructions on How to Pay for AirTel Money:

Dial * 150 * 60 #

Select 4. PAY

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Select 5. Government Payments

Select 1. Payment Number

Enter 991120100619

Enter amount (e.g. 10,000 / =)

Enter a password.

Press 1 to confirm

You will receive a message from Vodacom after confirmation (e.g. “3GQ05BR3F4 28-07-2016 14:41:31″). Pay your bill to 607070 – NACTE acc. 1234 607070 – NACTE Tsh-10,000.00”). * Fill in the payment details text box with the code found at the start of the message (3GQ05BR3F4).
Make sure you have a recent colored passport with a white blue/sky blue background (35mm x 45mm).
Bring your IDS and other credentials when you come to collect.

Once the request has been made several times, keep checking for updates. You will receive notification via your profile, e-mail, or mobile phone.

Please contact us at or phone +255 677 004 202 if you have any difficulties.

Other Important Information:

  1. Make sure you have recent colored passport size ( 35mm x 45mm ) having white blue/sky blue background.
  2. Once come to collect, come with IDS (driving licence, national ID or Vote cards) or other certificates.
  3. Keep checking for the status once the request is successively submitted. You will be notified through your profile or e-mail/Mobile phone.
  4. In case you face any difficult, please contact us through or call: +255 677 004 202;

To apply click HERE