Request New Password Ajira za Sensa 2022

Find how to Request NewPassword Ajira za Sensa 2022 and How to Request for Ajira za Sensa Portal Password.

How to Request for a New Ajira za Sensa Portal Password. How to Use and to Overcome Ajira za Sensa Portal Challenges | JINSI YA KUTUMIA MFUMO WA AJIRA ZA SENSA 2022 KUTATUA CHANGAMOTO ZA KUJAZA TAARIFA. Are you facing any challenges in ajira za sensa portal. In this post we we are going show you how to contact NBS for help.\

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Steps to Reset password in Ajira za Sensa / Request Password Ajira za Sensa 2022

  • Login in application portal
  • place your email used in application
  • place password sent via email
  • click login.

Wrong email Address? Here are steps to get your Credential, Request New Password Ajira za Sensa 2022

Do yo get Namba ya simu imeshatumika kuomba kazi ya sensa error in Ajira za Sensa Portal ?? Do the folowing to solve this error


In case you faced the above error in your application process you have to contact NBS (Ajira za Sensa Portal) through their customer support contact number. the following are Ajira za sensa Customer support contact information.

0715000714, 0625488090, 0685680120, 0688985879, 0717399082, 0656549398, 0656549398, 0653828187, 0746580180, 0769193493, 0629251635, 0733351061, 0673711550, 0715393707, 0653800102, 0765076296, 0734243242, 0744820401, 0769716392, 0737904688, 0688131643, 0733333531, 0768356288, 0718906003, 0715271745, 0736388335, 0678467663, 0736388335

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Incase you are facing any other challenges during ajira za sensa application proces please don’t hesitate to contact their customer support via above contacts.

NBS Customer Care (Ajira Za Sensa Customer Care)

Request New Password Ajira za Sensa 2022, How to Request for a New Ajira za Sensa Portal Password. USE BELOW LINKS