How To Add Subtitles in Mobile and Desktop Media Players

How To Add Subtitles in Mobile and Desktop Media Players

Steps to add subtitles/SRT files

You can watch Movies/series without subtitles by following these steps: Add subtitles in Mobile and Desktop

Subtitle Add in Mobile

  • VLC, MX or any other media player
  • First, download the Subtitles File from Subtitles Free Download SRT
  • Extract the subtitles file.
  • Next, browse the Subtitle file you need and right-click it.
  • Select Subtitles is an option.
  • Select that option and then click on Add Subtitles.
  • Select the Subtitle SRT File and subtitles will be added automatically to movies/series.

Subtitle Add to Desktop

  • Follow these steps if you’re watching on a VLC player on your desktop or another windows player.
  • So first, download the Zip file Subtitle from Subtitles Downloads SRT.
  • Then, unzip the subtitles file.
  • Similar procedure: After extracting the SRT File, copy it into the same folder as the movie/series.
  • You should have two folders named Movies_name and Series_name. Then, both the movie/series files and the SRT subtitle files should go into the same folder. This means that you will have two files, such as Movies_name and
  • Once you have completed the above steps, subtitles will automatically be added.
  • If you are watching with VLC, click on the player and add the subtitle file.
  • Similar steps apply to all media players.

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