DSTV packages and prices in Kenya 2023 | latest prices

DSTV prices and packages in Kenya, DSTV Kenya packages, the most recent DSTV prices and packages in Kenya.

Digital satellite television The DSTV satellite television is Africa’s largest, covering all sub-Saharan countries. Multichoice continues to expand its DSTV offerings and prices in Kenya in 2023.

There are many packages available on DSTV Kenya to expand your entertainment options.

These prices and packages are current as of 2023. We will continue to update this page as more information becomes available. We will update this page if any new channels are added to DStv Kenya.

The latest DSTV packages in Kenya and their prices

Bei ya vifurushi vya DSTV 2023

KES 8,400 is the most expensive package. This package includes more than 175+ channels. This price does not include installation costs. Below is a table listing the DSTV packages available and the prices Kenya 2023. All prices are in Kenyan shillings.

Check out the table below to get started.

Packages Offered by DStv Kenya and their Prices
DStv Bouquet Monthly Subscription Number of Channels
DStv Family Ksh 1,600 105+
DStv Compact Ksh 3,000 135+
Compact Plus Ksh 5,500 15+
DStv Premium Ksh 8,900 165+

You can also find other channels like ADDON PACKAGES.

  • ADD Movies 3 Channels KES700
  • Indian 5 channels KES 4200
  • French Touch 9 channels KES 800
  • French plus 15 channels KES 3,600
  • Great wall 7 channels KES 670

Thank you for reading our article about DSTV packages in Kenya 2023. To find out more and keep up to date with DSTV services, visit DSTV Page. If you have any questions regarding Dstv packages in Kenya 2023 or other topics for DStv Kenya, please comment below.

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