Download GTA Vice City APK + OBB For Android (200MB)

Download GTA Vice City APK + OBB For Android (200MB);-Do you enjoy playing action-adventure games, particularly Grand Theft Auto games? If so, we’ve got one of the best and most well-known GTA games on Android. The reason we chose the GTA Vice City apk game for this post is because it has exciting gameplay and intriguing missions, making it one of the best GTA games ever created by Rockstar Games.

The fourth game in the GTA series, GTA Vice City Android Highly Compressed, is also known as Grand Theft Auto, however it is more well-known among gamers. since both Android and iOS smartphones can play it. The biggest feature of this game is how captivating the plot is; you won’t ever grow tired of playing it. That is why we are giving this GTA game to you guys; just download it and have fun playing. Let’s get more in-depth details about this GTA Vice City, particularly about its intriguing objectives, plot, and action-packed gameplay.

What Is GTA Vice City APK

One of the best action-adventure open worlds where you may explore different locales and take part in action-packed gameplay is GTA Vice City. Additionally, Rockstar Games makes this GTA game available for a variety of devices. GTA was initially only available on PlayStation, but other platforms were later added as a result of customer feedback and requests. The main goal of this GTA Vice City mod apk game is to finish many tasks in order to gain a lot of money in the game. It may be played from the TP perspective.

In this GTA Vice City Apk game, furthermore. You can engage in activities like driving different types of vehicles, meeting new characters, using weapons to murder gangsters or cops in the game, exploring other locations, and many more that will take your gaming experience to the next level and make it more thrilling and fun. because the controls and gameplay in this game are just as good as or better than those in other adventure games. The fact that you can play this game while listening to music while driving adds to its appeal.

GTA Vice City APK + OBB For Android
GTA Vice City APK + OBB For Android

GTA Vice City Mobile APK Gameplay

The action-packed gameplay in this GTA Vice City APK will keep you intrigued and enthralled. You will play as the game’s main characters, Tommy Warsi and Sonny Farley, in this game. Therefore, using them, you will have to finish a variety of missions and get paid well for doing so.

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Additionally, each objective has a captivating plot that will keep you engaged throughout the game. Unquestionably, players from all around the world like the action-packed and adventurous gameplay. Because you must freely explore all of Vice City, which is divided into two islands, if you want to advance in the game. In GTA Vice City, firearms can also be used to murder a variety of targets. But completing the game’s mission is the primary drive. But it maximizes and improves the gaming experience.

Download GTA Vice City APK + OBB For Android (200MB)
Download GTA Vice City APK + OBB For Android (200MB)
GTA Vice City APK + OBB Download For Android (200MB)
Name Of APK GTA Vice City APK
File Size 200 MB
Latest Version V1.07
Android Version Android 4.0 and Above
Developer Rockstar Games
Last Updated 20 September, 2022
Total Downloads 20M+


Features of GTA Vice City MOD APK OBB for Android

Explore Different Places

Exploring various stores, malls, clubs, Washington Street, the Liberty Line, gardens, Pass Plaza, etc. in the game is one of the primary motivations for playing GTA Vice City APK. Enhance the gaming experience for gamers and make the game more entertaining and thrilling.

Graphics Quality

This GTA Vice City Android game file offers better visuals than others, though not quite as good as the PC version of the game, which is another reason to play it. However, the beauty of the surroundings and the addition of pieces with HD textures. Playing GTA Vice City on a mobile device will provide you the same gaming experience.

Smooth Control

A slick and elegant control panel is also included with the GTA Vice City Apk 70 mb game’s controls. Players may effortlessly handle people, navigate the city, choose stuff and weapons, steal automobiles, run, and much more. Additionally, the controls make the game simpler and more engaging so that you won’t ever run into problems while playing it on your Android devices.

Challenging Missions

In order to make the GTA VC APK game more fascinating and enjoyable, complete more than 40 difficult missions. In addition, the game is made more fascinating and interesting by the fact that you will meet a variety of individuals while completing the objectives. Using the weaponry, you can have to use the missions to kill a variety of people.

Driving Different Vehicles

As you are aware, you can choose to drive a variety of automobiles on the city’s streets and roads in GTA video games. You may play this GTA Vice City apk + OBB game and drive various automobiles, which adds to the game’s appeal. In the end, every vehicle differs in terms of performance, power, speed, design, etc.

Use of Different Weapons

It’s interesting that GTA Vice City gives you access to more weaponry than the PC version does. In order to finish the objectives or to flee from a specific location, you must also use the weapons in the game to fight off gangsters and cops. Additionally, they vary in terms of each weapon’s power, damage, auto-aim, usability of two special weapons, and many other aspects.

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Interesting Plot Of GTA Vice Android APK

Although GTA Vice City was published in 2002, the game’s visual effects date back to the 1980s, and its plot is based on actual events that took place in Miami. Tommy Varsity, the primary character, is a pirate who just got out of jail. when Tommy was actively playing GTA Vice City APK on a mobile device. He began an illicit enterprise and took out numerous loans. However, something went awry, and he was given an almost 15-year prison term. He didn’t want to take the chance, and now he must return the entire sum of money. Join the mob and carry on with your regular routine. really intriguingly This GTA game was also influenced by the movie, which gives it a more engaging experience.

How to Get Unlimited Money in GTA Vice City MOD APK

You can obtain an infinite amount of money in GTA Vice City MOD APK OBB. Additionally, you obtain a car, escape from the cops, etc. There is a trick that is useful. Several significant frauds

  • Thugstools, Professionaltools, and Nuttertools offer a variety of weapons, including rockets, pistols, and grenades.
  • Aspirin: Helps restore optimal health.
  • LeaveMeAlone:​​​​help escape the police.
  • Valuable Protection: Provides armor that acts as additional protection against enemies.
  • Icant Take It Anymore: It will kill you and many more.

User Reviews/Rating

Due to its action-packed gameplay and excellent graphics, GTA Vice City apk is one of the most well-known action-adventure games played by millions of people. Some people enjoy the audio and gameplay. Some people enjoy the plot and other aspects. There is no denying that this GTA Vice City game is worthwhile to play because it gives players access to a wide variety of missions and excellent visuals. As a third-person, open-world game, it is also well-known. because you can drive different types of cars or go around different places to explore. The game also has a number of characters, such as Tommy Warsi, Sonny Farley, Ken Rosenberg, Lance Vance, Juan Cortez, Kenneth Paul, and others.

How To Download GTA Vice City + OBB For Android 200 MB

It’s time to give you GTA Vice City Apk Free Download + APK Download Links if you have a lot of knowledge about the GTA Vice City video game. without making you wait. Below are links to the GTA Vice City Original and Mod APK downloads. The attached APK file can be manually installed to run both data files. But many people lack the necessary skills. One of the key benefits of playing this GTA game is that it provides a similar gameplay experience to playing GTA Vice City on a PC. Because of this, we have provided a direct download link where you may obtain the apk file without charge.

  • First you need to download the GTA Vice city apk file for Android and GTA VC OBB file using the download button below.
  • After, enable “Unknown sources” in your phone’s browser settings.
  • Then, you have to double click the apk file the GTA Vice and wait for a few seconds.
  • Once it gets installed, open the file manager and paste the GTA Vice City OBB data file inside the OBB folder.
  • Now, you have to open this GTA game and start enjoying the gameplay and interesting missions.
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Extract Password: androgamer

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How big is Grand Theft Auto Vice City?

The GTA Vice City game for Android is 1.5 GB in size, so a good smartphone is required to play it. Therefore, a modern processor and 4 GB of RAM are required for good graphics on your phone. 6 GB of internal RAM is also free.

Is GTA Vice City available for Android?

Yes, you can download this GTA Vice City Android game on your Android device because it is a good news for gaming when this amazing game is running on your Android device. However, to get the excellent gaming experience. You need that smartphone which should have 4GB RAM along with the latest processor and free 6GB internal storage. If you want to download GTA Vice City OBB then read the above instructions carefully; otherwise you may find difficulty while installing this game.

Is GTA vice city offline?

The GTA vice city game can be played offline which means you don’t need an internet connection to play this game because it is a single player game in which you have to complete various missions alone.

Can I download GTA Vice City for free?

Yes, you can download GTA 5 apk + obb file from our site as we provide a free apk file to our users so that they don’t need to purchase the game from any other source.

Does GTA Vice City have a good story?

It’s not that GTA Vice City has a compelling narrative that will keep you engaged throughout the game. Each mission’s backstory, in my opinion, is lovely and fascinating, and it improves the whole gaming experience. The numerous objectives in GTA Vice City for Android, however, make it more difficult and useful. It’s a game.


A shooting, adventure, action, and role-playing game, GTA Vice City APK. You can drive, kill, purchase a safe house, and fulfill assignments. Whatever type of games you enjoy, this one from Rockstar is entertaining and addictive. Definitely give this game a shot. Therefore, we advise you guys to play GTA Vice City rather than any other GTA game. since it supports Android users and has high-quality graphics.