Director of Partnerships Job 2022

Director of Partnerships Job 2022;- In accordance with one of the pillars of our Theory of Change, our Partnerships team is in charge of interacting with and persuading additional funders. To date, the success of our partnerships has led to an additional $65 million in support from other donors for our grantee partners. The African Visionary Fellowship, our flagship program for our more experienced grantee partners, is part of the Partnerships team and is mainly focused on attracting new financing to these outstanding organizations.

The group also takes the lead on platform development initiatives and creative partnerships with other funders, including the Bosch Foundation, Hilton Foundation, UNICEF, and many more. However, these achievements have been made with a very small investment in this effort, therefore we are now looking to expand the Partnerships team’s size and the range of its influence.

Additionally, we are reorienting our donor interaction strategy away from a largely reactive paradigm and toward more proactive, widely advertised donor referral services. In order to significantly boost SFF’s influence with other charitable funders, the new Director of Partnerships will promote this change and assist the larger SFF team in building the necessary structures, competencies, and resources.

Director of Partnerships

What does success look like?

By the end of 2030, the Director will lead the way in increasing SFF’s influence with other philanthropic funders dramatically- for example, increasing the amount of leveraged funding (the funding that SFF believes it is responsible for driving from other funders to our grantees) from currently $20m/year to over $100m by engaging with hundreds or more fellow funders. This leveraged funding will give oxygen to hundreds, if not thousands, of locally-led visionaries across the continent.

Director of Partnerships
Director of Partnerships

By 2030, the Director will have fundraised for SFF’s expansion from its current five hubs to ~ten by 2030. This fundraising could amount to more than $10m/year in additional capital to drive SFF’s growth. Finally, by the end of the decade the Director will help SFF and its grantees to increase their reach- for example placing them in a position to access any platform from Davos

The Director will be in charge of expanding the Partnerships team, which will likely consist of 5-8 great people based all over the world, over the course of the next two to three years. The Director will be in charge of constructing a strong back-office tool system to support donor engagement activities. The Director will also develop SFF’s direct fundraising plan at this time in order to support the organization’s plans for Sub-Saharan Africa in the upcoming years.

Among the responsibilities

Lead SFF’s Partnerships Strategy (10%)

  • Finalize SFF’s multi year strategic priorities regarding partnerships and donor engagement in collaboration with SFF’s staff and Board of Directors
  • Clearly communicate SFF’s org-wide partnerships strategies and priorities internally and ensure all teammates understand their individual roles and responsibilities to support these priorities
  • Maintain progress toward SFF’s partnerships and donor engagement goals, and ensure continuous strategy refinement over the years

Donor Engagement (30%)

  • Coordinate our proactive connections and influence with individuals funders
    • Lead donor research priorities, scoping and identifying potential funder friends and understanding their needs and interests
    • Support the team and partner community to connect meaningfully with these funders, reaching hundreds of individual funders through regular check ins in-person or via phone
    • Personally connect with individual funders to steward specific relationships (you will personally manage ~50-60 relationships)
    • Coordinate our meaningful participation in the philanthropic sector
      • Lead our prioritization of and engagement with high-priority platforms (affinity groups, conferences, sector periodicals/journals, podcasts, etc.) for the wider SFF team and partner community to access
      • As desired, represent SFF personally on these platforms and support colleagues in preparing their participation/presence
      • Contribute to the design and implementation of our own donor engagement platforms, e.g., our annual meetings, country-level gatherings, webinars, etc.

    Grow SFF’s Philanthropic Advisory Services (20%)

    • Lead the transition into a highly responsive donor advisory hub. There will be systems and processes to build and iterate that have to work for a highly distributed, diverse and busy team. You will lead collaborative and inclusive design journeys, ensuring team perspectives and needs are fully incorporated.
      • Oversee the creation of an effective back-office system for all donor engagement across SFF: from meetings prep to ensuring outcome-oriented post-meeting follow-ups
      • Oversee efficient systems to respond to unsolicited funder queries as volume increases
      • Map out and clarify all team roles and collaboration points on fundraising/donor engagement at SFF. Define workflows that lead to seamless, smooth collaboration
    • Build out SFF’s donor database and tracking system (currently in Salesforce) for team-wide adoption
      • Drive definition and adoption of processes to ensure the database is updated and contains information relevant to our strategies. This includes reorganizing existing information, researching new data as needed, and documenting our ongoing donor activities
      • Lead in setting up a simple and effective referral system that helps link our grantee partners and funder friends in relevant ways
    • Co-author SFF’s external advocacy and messaging content
      • Work with our MEL and country teams to gather useful and compelling evidence, intel, data, and impact stories that can drive our donor engagement and advocacy strategies
      • Partner with the Communications team to develop materials and resources (such as topical talking points, funder toolkit, donor newsletter, reports, etc.) that help other funders tap into our learnings on trust-based philanthropy
      • Work with the Communications team to build awareness of our philanthropic advisory services
      • Ensure the team is aligned on SFF’s core messaging

    Team Management (20%)

    • Lead the build-out of the Partnerships team by aligning the structure to our ambitions and identifying key roles to hire.
    • Lead performance management of the Partnerships team and contribute to the evaluation of other team members who participate in donor engagement.
      • The team currently includes the African Visionary Fellowship (AVF) Manager (based in Kenya) and an incoming Partnerships Officer (based in New Jersey).
    • Support the career development of the Partnerships team through ongoing coaching and exploring pathways for growth
    • Shape a team culture rooted in clear values, expectations, and feedback

    Build the Donor Engagement Capacity of SFF’s Grantees and Team (10%)

    • Support SFF country offices and the African Visionary Fellowship team in building their own respective donor engagement strategies
      • Plan and oversee the execution of capacity development activities to meet the needs of our team
      • Collaborate with the AVF Manager to strengthen the fellowship’s capacity building services
      • Assess the donor engagement needs and capacity of SFF grantees
      • Develop effective and efficient systems for building the capacity of grantee partners
    • Support our fast-moving and dispersed team to adopt new habits and mechanisms regarding reporting, tracking, and follow-up of donor engagement activities

    Special Projects (10%)

    • SFF is a dynamic organization. Often our greatest impact comes from unanticipated projects or initiatives. We want team members who are eager to carefully consider unforeseen opportunities and capable of meeting unforeseen challenges. You will lead consideration of arising opportunities to achieve clarity and direction.
      • Examples of such projects include unsolicited offers of funding that require the input of the team or grantees as part of the considerations; opportunities to sponsor podcast series; opportunities to lead funder affinity groups, etc.
    • Support board priorities regarding donor engagement, including providing occasional strategy advice for SFF’s sister foundations, Focus Central America (FCA) and Focus for Health Foundation (FFH)
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Who we are looking for

Required: You, as a Person and Teammate

  • You are deeply and painfully aware of the challenges and historical power dynamics inherent in philanthropy and are passionate to continue working towards changing the field. You are aware of the personal discomfort this work can bring and have built resilience needed to engage and influence relevant stakeholders successfully. You balance impatient radicality with “playing the game to change the game” – and are choosing this mission with eyes wide open
  • You live the values of Segal Family Foundation. Each one is essential to achieving our mission, and we want to see a history of your engagement with each
  • To lead well in our environment:
    • You thrive in dynamic work settings and are curious to pursue creative and disruptive opportunities, where things get messy at times – linear, robotic and predictable contexts turn you off
    • You are excited about overlapping roles, co-creation, and co-owning success and failure
    • You are comfortable and strategic in delegation. You empower others to run and succeed with ideas independently! If your power rests on hierarchy and position, please don’t apply
    • You are comfortable in the spotlight and savvy in elevating your peers to share it
  • You are an SFF-style team player:
    • We are a passionate team with lots of opinions. You must be comfortable engaging deeply to forge close-knit relationships, both virtually and in-person. You work well across cultures and time zones
    • You are an open communicator, confident to share your ideas, opinions, and suggestions candidly while also open to new ways of thinking
    • You are empathetic, observant of the needs of others, you ask and listen, and respond to the needs and challenges of your teammates
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Required: Skills and Expertise

  • Extensive successful fundraising experience (5+ years)
    • You have previously overseen the creation and successful execution of long-term fundraising strategies for non-profit organizations
    • You relish the external side of donor engagement and fundraising. You are adept at fundraising calls, networking, pitching, and relationship building. You drive genuine and spirit-full conversations to win over hearts and minds
    • You have a track record of success with engaging and influencing Western philanthropists, high-net-worth individuals, and private foundations
  • Expertise in donor-facing advocacy and communications
    • You recognize trends and draw insights from your funder-facing conversations with a track record of pursuing creative ideas, creating new opportunities, and driving mutual value
    • You have experience weaving storytelling and impact data together to create a compelling narrative
  • Systems building
    • Track record of using highly collaborative and inclusive approaches when creating (or improving existing) processes, systems and workflows that lay the groundwork for things to run smoothly at scale
    • You have successfully designed and overseen efficient workflows for smooth collaboration in distributed and busy teams
    • You have overseen a bulky database and implemented improvements to make sure it keeps working with a big team that wants different things
  • Leadership and management experience
    • You have previously led a huge mandate with many moving parts and made strategic decisions to prioritize where time and energy should go to achieve desired outcomes
    • You have experience managing a distributed team, ideally multicultural & multinational
    • You balance the need to be dynamic/opportunistic while offering your team a comfortable level of order and structure

Nice to Haves

  • Familiarity w/ the Impact Investment scene- both the what & the who
  • Experience engaging and influencing Asian and African philanthropists
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Why work with us

  • Mission and Impact: We want to change the face of philanthropy while uplifting incredible local leaders (who we like to call rockstars). Every day we support local leaders changing the lives of their communities.
  • Career Development: We hire ambitious people and support them to develop their skills and leadership potential. We support each other to grow and propel them even further in their career trajectory through self-elected opportunities and a competitive professional development stipend.
  • Autonomy: We hire smart and talented people and let them lead the way. You will get a team behind you for support and will be given the autonomy to execute.
  • Work Hard, Play Hard: We put in the extra time and go the extra mile to support our grantee partners. But we also love to laugh, have fun, and enjoy the camaraderie we’ve built amongst our team.
  • Variety and Adventure: We support 300+ grantee partners across 20+ African countries. Regardless of how much you travel, you will get to experience new cultures, places, and exciting organizations across the continent.
  • Benefits: We believe in supporting the wellbeing of our employees, so we offer health insurance (medical/dental/vision), pension contribution, generous and flexible paid time off, and support for ongoing professional development.

Other information

  • The starting salary for this position will be $130,000-150,000 based on relevant experience.
  • This full-time role is flexible in terms of location, with a logistical preference for North America (more specifically Eastern time zone). Residing in one of our African country offices (Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda) or Europe will also be considered.
  • Working hours are flexible though the role requires weekly calls during business hours associated with New Jersey (EST) and East Africa (EAT).
  • Travel is a key component of the job with minimum travel of six weeks each year but ideally eight+ weeks, including attending conferences worldwide and time on the ground with our staff and grantee partners in East Africa.
  • African diasporans with existing work authorization in the US or Europe are highly encouraged to apply!
  • We will agree on a six-month probation period with mutually agreed-upon performance and learning objectives, during which time you’ll be closely supported by the rest of the SFF team, especially the Exec Team.
  • Segal Family Foundation is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Want to apply?

  • Fill in the form under this link:
  • The selection process includes case studies, personality tests, interviews, and reference checks. It will be carried out in collaboration with Edge, our HR partner based in Nairobi.
  • For any questions, feel free to reach out to [email protected]
  • Please take a look at our candidate guide under
  • Based on the number of applications, only shortlisted candidates may be communicated with.