Devry University 2023 Review: Is it Good or Bad?

Devry University 2023 Review: Is it Good or Bad?;- It is one of the most well-known universities in the United States. They provide several technology-related courses that can brighten your future. They offer both online and in-person education on their campus. This university has campuses in several states around the United States of America.

Every year, many individuals intend to seek admission to this institution; if you are one of them, this article is for you since it will advise you on how to take admission and if your decision to take admission to this university is good or bad.

History of the Devry University

DeVry University is a for-profit higher education institution that was founded in 1931 by Herman A. DeVry as DeForest Training School. The school initially focused on providing vocational training in electronics and technology. In the decades that followed, the school expanded its course offerings and changed its name several times, becoming DeVry Technical Institute in 1953 and DeVry Institute of Technology in 1973. In 2002, the institution adopted its current name, DeVry University. Throughout its history, DeVry University has grown to include multiple campuses across the United States and online programs, offering undergraduate and graduate degree programs in business, technology, healthcare, and other fields.

Devry University
Devry University

Devry University programs Cost

Course Cost
Bachelors in Accounting $66750
Bachelor in Biomedical engineering technology $91651
Bachelor in Business administration $80586
Bachelors in communication $80568
Bachelor in computer engineering technology $78446
Bachelor in computer information systems $70006
Bachelor in Electronics engineering technology $78446
Bachelor in health care administration $69834
Bachelor in Information Technology and Networking $67950
Bachelor in Justice Administration $80568
Bachelors in Management $68978
Bachelor in multimedia design and development $67778
Bachelors in-network and communication management $70000
Bachelor in software development $67950
Bachelor in technical management $38000

Associate Degree programs Cost

Business   $34000
Electronic and computer technology                                       $40576
Health information technology $34000
Network systems in Administration $38518

There are also some certificate programs that this university is offering let’s see what those university programs are and what are their cost.

Certificate in medical billing and coding                                     $18190
Certificate in health information coding $22000
Certificate in website design $20000
Certification in website development $21000

Is DeVry a good college?


Technology Programs

If you have read the history of Devry University, you may be aware that it is strongly tied to technology because the university’s founder has a long list of innovations to his or her name. For this reason, they provide their kids with high-quality technological programs.

Whether you want to pursue a bachelor’s or master’s degree in technology, Devry provides several excellent programs for you, including software development, software information systems, and many more.

One thing you should know is that the way you gained the skill is vital for your career, not your institution. This is because several individuals were discussing the job ratio after graduating from Devry University. You may be required by your institution to appear before the HR department, but you will then need to interview on your own.

But when we reached out to previous Devry University students to seek their perspectives, we discovered that they were employed by reputable businesses and making respectable salaries.

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Therefore, if you are considering enrolling in a program linked to technology, doing so may be the finest choice you ever make. Concentrate on studying the material, as after you graduate from Devry University, you will be able to earn a respectable income.

Flexible classes

When you have to follow the same pattern of traveling to school to study and then returning home, especially if you’re busy, colleges may become really monotonous. It might even seem like you’re under pressure to study since without it, you won’t be able to graduate.

You can’t be creative in this environment, thus DeVry University offers a variety of flexible programs that encourage creativity instead of turning students into mindless automatons that follow instructions.

First of all, don’t panic if you have a hectic schedule and have been admitted to a degree program. You may adjust the course duration to suit your needs if you have a busy schedule.

Additionally, they provide online classes so that you may complete your degree from anywhere in America while still taking advantage of their top-notch online degree programs. The advantage of online degree programs is that the price of the degree decreases because you don’t have to pay for dorm rent and your transportation costs are also reduced, making the online degree less expensive than the traditional one.

Because of how accommodating these flexible programs are to those with limited financial resources or who come from remote locations, taking online courses has made it simple for them to obtain a high-quality education.

Hybrid Classes

There is no denying that online classes are incredibly advantageous for students who are unable to attend the university for a variety of reasons, but there are some drawbacks as well. The major disadvantage is that you cannot benefit from on-campus instruction.

The first advantage of on-campus training is that you may improve your communication skills and self-esteem, which may not help you finish your degree but will undoubtedly help when you go for a job interview.

The hybrid classes are Devry University’s top offering since they allow students the chance to engage with classmates from their same course while on campus.

You are not required to do this every day, but they will summon you to the university campus on a few certain days. If you live close to Arizona, Florida, New York, or one of the other Devry University campuses, you can enroll in a class there and avoid having to go to the main campus for your classes.

After graduating, if you plan to work in the military, Devry University is your best option because several of its campuses are located on bases used by the armed forces, and it often hires bright students to serve in the military.

Transfer college credits

There are instances when this occurs, which means that if you have begun a degree program but are unable to finish it due to personal problems or any other type of difficulty, Devry University will have no problem moving your funds to another university.

They will transfer your credits to the other university or institution where you will continue or restart your study. They have strong regional accreditation in the systems that are appropriate for you.

We believe that the ability to transfer cash is one of Devry University’s best features. This is because we have observed several students who have had difficulties trying to move their monies to other colleges.

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The accrediting bodies are approved by several organizations. Although there are other organizations that accredit business and technology programs, all of these organizations have given their approval to Devry University’s programs.



The Devry University is extremely costly, not outrageously so, but significantly more so than other American institutions because it was built for business. One advantage of this pricey degree is that you become the employer’s first focus once you graduate from Devry University.

Because they are aware that you will land a decent job if you spend a lot of money on your education at a reputable university. All courses are affordable, and the costs depend on your program and the courses you are taking to earn a degree.

There is no denying that the university prices are exorbitant, and if you want to attend this institution you must pay a lot of money. However, if you complete identical programs at some other community universities, you may graduate in $4000, whereas the fees at this university are 10x to 20x more.

You may receive a lot of financial help from the government to attend this institution, and if you have military experience, the school will offer you extra credit.

Traditional degrees

Some businesses are hesitant to embrace the new paradigm of online degree programs. Because they attended an online institution, they weren’t thought to be skilled. Every day, this culture is evolving, and organizations are implementing new practices.

Since everything is now online due to the epidemic that has reduced us to our homes, work, and education, companies have realized that they must modify their corporate cultures. Due to this Covid19, many businesses are now accepting applications from those with online degrees.

Think about what the companies will do if the epidemic continues for the next four years and they have all the workers with online degrees.

This is a societal stigma that needs to be overcome in our society: if you attended an online school, you are not as excellent as students who completed their studies on campus. The epidemic has aided in this effort, and in time, online degrees will be valued on par with regular degrees.

These are the issues that former Devry University students have encountered, and they have now sued the school over them after being turned down for employment due to their online degrees. This lawsuit will be thoroughly covered in our next heading.

Lawsuits and Settlements

You can come across some news about this institution on Google if you search for it. This news was made possible by this university’s previous students. The university students assert that they ran an advertisement to draw in new pupils.

According to that advertisement, the majority of students find employment within six months after graduation, but 39 individuals remained jobless a year after receiving their diplomas.

Unfortunately, they were unable to persuade the court of their position, and their appeal was rejected. But there are other things that are not very positive for Devry University, such as the fact that they had to return 173000 cheques totaling a hefty $49 million as part of a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission for their deceptive recruitment practices.

These are the things that have damaged the reputation of online degree programs since thousands of students who can’t afford traditional degrees wanted to enroll in them but changed their minds after reading this sort of news. Students may be adversely affected by this information and decide not to pursue online degrees as a result.

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Unhappy employers

Currently, some businesses are complaining that their graduates with online degrees are subpar, and they should be given more time and resources than those with a traditional degree.

Some of these fears are valid since few students pursuing online degrees are focused; instead, they are watching videos and engaging in other activities. As a result, if you are not paying attention in class, you will still graduate but you won’t possess the abilities that your degree claims.

Because of this, they have made it very difficult for employers to trust individuals with online degrees. If you were an employer and had a negative encounter with an individual who has an online degree, you would never accept their proposal, even if he had a high level of talent.

Some individuals claim that, despite what their degree says, they have a very boring job in the office and that their salaries are good. Other individuals claim that some employers have had negative interactions with employees, which has made the reputation of the online education sector as a whole zero.

Devry university reviews

The university website could be your initial point of contact when you apply for admission to Devry University. When you visit the website, go to the reviews area to see what others are saying about the school. We’ll give you a general idea of what they’re saying.

Some former students expressed dissatisfaction with those who claimed that less than ten persons with online degrees had found employment within six months of graduation.

Some students complained that they had no job security and that their employers may fire them at any time if they performed odd jobs in their offices that were related to their educational background.

There are some excellent evaluations of Devry University as well. Some students quit their studies after landing a well-paying job a month after graduating, while others are employed by respected businesses in excellent locations.

The lesson of the story is that universities can be beneficial to some people while being detrimental to others, so if you are considering enrolling in a course, look for reviews from previous students first. Don’t just believe one review; instead, get in touch with the reviewers to explain your situation before making a choice.


These are some positive and negative aspects of Devry University that we have discovered. The Devry is one of the greatest methods to get to the Devry if you are an employee looking to earn a degree in your field of expertise.

The other good thing is that if you are enrolled in a course but your pace is slow, you can extend the timing of your program. For example, a two-year program can be completed in three years, and if you need to move quickly, you can also complete a two-year program in one year. It all depends on you.

Today, it is a good idea to attend Devry University if you want to get a degree before finding employment because employers have few alternatives and all graduates come from the online education system as a result of the pandemic.

The most crucial step if you want to pursue a degree at Devry University is to read specialty reviews from people who are relevant to your field and then get in touch with them via any source to find out if they still support their opinion today or not. Only after doing this can you successfully make a decision.