10 Top U.S. List Companies in the Capital Goods Field

Capital goods are items that companies utilize to make other items, such as tools, automobiles, or machinery. To employ these capital goods, a company must first make or get them, and then reuse or sell them to other businesses to use in the creation of new products. There are many capital goods firms across the country, and you may be wondering which ones are the most well-known or have employment vacancies near you.

10 Top U.S. List Companies in the Capital Goods Field

The capital goods industry in the United States is made up of many companies, but a few in particular dominate the market, produce products, or provide services that have a greater impact on the economy and the world than others. This section provides information about the companies in the capital goods field.

10 Top U.S. List Companies in the Capital Goods Field
10 Top U.S. List Companies in the Capital Goods Field

The list of the top 10 U.S. companies in the capital goods sector is as follows:

1) General Electric Company

General Electric Company is one of the largest conglomerates in the world, with a variety of different types of companies under their umbrella. They are best known for their advancements in electricity and transportation, but also have a major presence in healthcare, finance, and aviation.

General Electric, a company founded in 1892 and headquartered in Boston and New York, operates in diverse sectors such as aviation manufacturing, health care, power generation and renewable energy..Such experience has led this company to produce a diverse range of products. Major products include weapons, aircraft engines, software and more. Locally

It usually offers its employees these benefits:Medical insurance,Paid time off days, Work flexibility, Dental insurance, Signing bonus, Disability insurance, Vision insurance..

2) Boeing Company

The Boeing Company is the world’s largest aerospace company and defense contractor. It is best known for commercial jetliners and military aircraft, with revenue of more than US$92 billion in 2017.

Founded in 1916 make Boeing the oldest aerospace company in the world. They are organized into three distinct business units: defense, space and security, and commercial planes. The company is currently ranked as the largest in those three categories.. Boeing also supports airlines and U.S. allied government customers in over 150 different countries.The company, which grosses over $58 million per year, offers additional services including commercial aircraft, military aircraft, space satellites, electronic defense systems, launch systems, weapons and more.

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Here are some of the benefits that Boeing employees enjoy:Relocation assistance, Dental insurance, Parental leave, Vision insurance, Paid time off days, Health insurance, Disability insurance

3) United Technologies Corporation

United Technologies Corporation is an American multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in Farmington, Connecticut. They have been in business for over 100 years and employ over 200,000 people. The company focuses on the aerospace & building industries and also has a significant investment in the automotive industry.

United Technologies Corporation employees benefits and offers

United Technologies Corporation employees are provided a great work/life balance. Employees enjoy a variety of benefits such as discounted fitness memberships, on-site gym, paid time off and much more.

4) Caterpillar Inc.

Caterpillar Inc. is a manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, industrial gas turbines and diesel-electric locomotives. The company’s products are used in a wide range of industries including mining, oil and gas production, construction, transportation equipment production, farming and forestry.

This company specializes in designing and manufacturing gas engines, gas turbines, and diesel-electric locomotives for construction and mining equipment. CAT has offices and facilities in over 180 locations across the globe. It generates about $40 billion in annual revenue and offers products and services to three main businesses: construction, resource industries, and energy and transportation. It also sells mining, paving, drilling, hydraulics, and other equipment.

CAT offers employees a variety of benefits, which usually include the following;Health insurance, Vision insurance, Paid time off days, Relocation assistance, Dental insurance, Retirement plans

5) Honeywell International Inc.

Honeywell International Inc. is a company that operates in the capital goods sector. The company manufactures and sells a variety of products for use in control technologies, aerospace and automotive industries, as well as products for the home.

Honeywell is an American multi-national corporation. They are one of the largest companies in the world specializing in many different industries, including aerospace, automotive, chemical and more.. Most commonly, Honeywell produces automotive products, specialty chemicals, plastics, engineered materials and more.The company grosses over $32 million in income per year

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Honeywell International Inc. offers employees a variety of benefits wwhich are

Honeywell International Inc. is a company that offers employees a variety of benefits which are varied. They have programs for everything from family to financial matters and food to fitness, which are designed with the employee in mind. Also offers Health insurance, Retirement plans, Parental leave, Life insurance, Paid time off days, Sign on bonus

6) Northrop Grumman Corporation

Northrop Grumman Corporation is an aerospace and defense company that builds weapons and military equipment. The company was established in Antelope Valley, California, in the 1940s by Jack Northrop who was an American aircraft engineer and founder of the Lockheed Corporation.

Military aircraft, aerial vehicles, chain guns, autocannons, munitions, satellites, rocket launch systems, stealth bombers, electronic systems, and other land and space defense products and equipment are among the company’s specialties. Northrop Grumman operates in a variety of industries, including aeronautics systems, defense systems, mission systems, space systems, and others, with offices located throughout the United States. This company’s goal is to constantly develop new defense products while also replacing and updating existing products on the market.

Northrop Grumman grosses about $30 billion per year, and some common benefits for many employees include the following:Health insurance, Paid time off days, Employee discounts, Tuition reimbursement, Retirement plans.

7) Rockwell Automation Incorporated

Rockwell Automation Inc. is a leading industrial automation and information company, supplying products and services to customers in the manufacturing, process control, food & beverage, life sciences & healthcare, and oil & gas industries.

Rockwell Automation Inc. common benefits for many employees include the following:Health insurance, Paid time off days, Employee discounts, Tuition reimbursement, Retirement plans.

8) Union Pacific

Union Pacific is the largest railroad in North America,founded in 1862. Union Pacific is a freight carrier that transports freight and provides logistics services. Union Pacific operates in the capital goods sector, which deals with the manufacturing of products to be sold to businesses or consumers.

The company is responsible for connecting 23 of the country’s states in two-thirds of the Western United States and operates from all major West Coast and Gulf Coast ports up to eastern gateways. Union Pacific serves about 10,000 customers and connects with Canada’s rail systems and Mexico’s rail systems. The company grosses over $10 billion in income each year

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It offers its employees a variety of benefits, many of which include the following: Retirement plans, Vision insurance, Tuition reimbursement, Vacation days, Medical insurance, Dental insurance.

9) 3M

3M is a company that specializes in industrial materials and has over fifty years of experience. They have developed new technology such as adhesives that are often used in the automotive industry, aerospace, and medical fields. 3M is continuing to innovate with their new materials, like their adhesive tape.

It is a Minnesota-based conglomerate that manufactures adhesives, laminates, abrasives, window films, paint protection films, and other products. The company currently has over 60,000 products in its portfolio. It also manufactures dental and orthodontic products, medical products, electronics components, car products, and health care software under a variety of brand names. 3M has offices in over 87 countries worldwide.

Common employee benefits at 3M include the following: Health insurance,Retirement plans,Dental insurance, Vision insurance, Stock options, Vacation days

10) ABB Limited

ABB is a Swiss-Swedish multinational company that specializes in robotics and digital industrial technology. The company operates in more than 100 countries across the globe, with around 135,000 employees. ABB’s main competitors are Siemens AG and General Electric Company.

Is an energy, mining, and utility company founded in 1898. Control products, cable systems, circuit breakers, switches, and other electronic equipment are the company’s main focus. The company also provides installation and repair services for its own systems. The company is headquartered in North Carolina, and the United States is its primary market. This company earns more than $26 million per year.

Company offers the following benefits to its employees: Health insurance, Retirement plans, Disability insurance, Life insurance, Vision insurance, Paid time off days.


The capital goods industry is a large and growing one. Some of the most well-known players in this market are represented by the companies listed above. They have been in business for a long time and are well-known for their innovative products and services.