TCZ verification check here

TCZ verification check here

TCZ Verification, the Teacher councils of Zambia TCZ has an online portal TCZ portal Login where you can trace your TCZ verification link.

The primary functions of the Teaching Council of Zambia are registration of teachers, promotion, transfer, discipline, and termination of teacher employment in the Public Service. This article provides all information regarding the TCZ portal.

To perform the TCZ verification, you will need the Non Zambian Passport number NRC. Next, click verify. The MYTCZ VERIFICATION portal opens.

Enter the number and then click verify. Please note that all teachers who have the TCZ number may apply for a practicing certificate, even if they do not yet have the registration certificates.

How do I get the TCZ Verification

open your web browser and go to the verify section then follow this steps:-

  • As the system asks, enter your NRC
  • You will have access to the Status of your documents

Call the center if you face any challenges, concerning the TCZ verification (0968121687/0978517145/0956911634) or write to us through email , [email protected] for more information visit The Teaching Council of Zambia website. Leave a comment below, and one of our teams will contact you.

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