CLE RESULTS 2022: Criminology Licensure Exam Result December 2022-January 2023

CLE RESULTS 2022 Criminology Licensure Exam Result December 20,22-January 20,23

CLE RESULTS 202: Criminology License Exam Result December 2022 – January 2023This article contains CLE Examination Results Criminology for Academic Year 2022 to gether With The List of the Top 10 Passers as Posted in Professional Regulation Commission Board of Criminology.

PRC Conducted the Exams at the following testing centers: NCR, Baguio. Bacolod. Bohol. Cagayan de Oro. Cebu. Davao. Iloilo. Koronadal. Legaspi. Lucena. Mati. Naga. Occidental Mindoro. Pagadian. Rosales. Tacloban. Tagum. Tuguegarao. Zamboanga. The Board of Criminology Chairman, Hon. Ramil G. Gabao, and the members of its Board of Criminology were responsible for conducting licensure exams. George O. Fernandez, Hon. Ruben A. Sta. Teresa.

Hon. Ramil G. Gabao, Chairman; Hon. George O. Fernandez, Hon. Warren M. Corpuz, Hon. Lani T. Palmones, Members.



  • H-O
  • TOP 10 PASSERS: December 2021 Criminologist
  • PERFORMANCE OF SCHOOLS: December 2021 Criminology board exam

The Roll of the Successful Examinees
Held on DECEMBER 12, 2021, & FF. DAYS
Publication Date: JANUARY 5-28-2022


PRC stated that online registration will be possible for professional identification cards (ID) as well as certificates of registration. Visit the official website of PRC ( and follow instructions for initial registration.

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All those who wish to register must bring the following:

  • Download duly completed Oath Form, or Panunumpa N Propesyonal
  • Notice of admission (for identification purposes only)
  • 2 passport-sized photos (colored with a white background and complete namestamp)
  • 2 sets of documentary stamps
  • 1 piece brown short envelope

Successful examinees must register and sign in to the Roster of Registered Professionals.

PRC announced that the date and location for the ceremony of the swearing in of the successful examinees will be announced later.


The three-day exam covered criminal jurisprudence and procedure and evidence as well as law enforcement administration. Criminalistics, investigation, and crime detection were also covered. Sociology of crimes, ethics, and correctional management were also included.


PRC Resolution No. 1283 s. 2020 states that the December 2021 Criminology board exam results will be released on Friday, January 21st 2022, or within 27 days.

Notice that results can be released before the target or at a later date without prior notice.


PRC announced the results of November 2019 Criminology board exams in twenty-two (22) days. The exams were passed by 19,191 of 43,512 (44.11%). Fahadale Saripada Abdulbas, John Paul II College, was the top passer with 91.20%. Cavite State University was the top-scoring school with 98.78%, or 81 of 82 passes.

The June 2019 Crim exams results were published after thirteen (13) working day. PRC named 7,998 of 20,797 (38.46%) of those who passed the tests. John Bonrev Roi Villasin Rodas, Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation Lucena City, topped the board with 90.50%. University of the Cordilleras had the highest passing rate with 100% or all 101 students passed.

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PRC announced the results for December 2018 exams in fifteen (15) days. The CLE was passed by 14,324 (34.65%) of the 41,341 students. Ella Jeanne Chavez Salvador, Universidad de Zamboanga, passed the board with 91.15%. Tarlac State University (TSU), which scored 98.25%, or 56 of 57 students, was the best performing school.

A summary of the previous CLE:

Exam Date Total Examinees Total Passers Passing Rate Some days before the results are released
November 2019, 43,512 19,191 44.11% 22
June 2019 20,797 7,998 38.46% 13
December 2018, 41,341 14,324 34.65% 15
June 2018 21,894 7,307 33.37% 12
December 2017, 36,516 13,025 35.67% 21
June 2017 20,819 5,202 24.99% 12
October 2016, 34,768 10,901 31.35% 25
April 2016, 16,435 3,928 23.90% 11
October 2015 29,591 9,671 32.68% 24
April 2015 14,696 4,337 29.51% 13
October 2014 28,187 12,245 43.44% 26
April 2014 13,873 4,688 33.79% 9

Schedule for Registration

PRC will announce the schedule for online appointments for the issuance of Professional IDs and Certificates of Registration for new Criminologists along with official results.

Initial registrants are advised to register online via PRC official website via and follow the steps in online registration. These are the requirements for registration:

  • Notification of Admission/NOA (for identification purposes)
  • Panunumpa Na Propesyonal or Oath Form duly completed
  • Two (2) passport-sized ID photos on white background with complete name tags
  • Two (2) sets of document stamps
  • One (1) short brown envelope

PRC also stated that successful examinees will register and sign in to the Roster of Registered Professionals.

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Verification of Rating

Within a few days of the posting of the results, the verification of ratings and test scores for the criminology licensure exams given to the Board of Criminology will become available online.

To find out their passing rate on the board examination, successful takers can visit the official website of PRC and use Verification Page.

A passer must only give the exam name, date of examination, application number, birth-date, and first and last names.